Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Neti Neti...

Wow, has it really been over a year since I decided to try this again?  Shifting imagined futures in reverse after much trial and tribulation,  and coming back home (such a deep feeling of really being home too, so right), starting a Yoga Teacher Training Program WHICH I LOVE RUNNING and then deciding to travel to India for the first time and falling in love with that country and a new lifestyle, might take up a wee bit of personal time.   Such a wild year indeed.  Lessons galore.  And here I am, now looking out ahead again...

I am happy in so many ways now.  I LOVE working from home, which is why I am forcing myself to Blog Blog Blog... hoping to grow this writing thing I seem to enjoy.  We will be homeschooling the girls this coming school year, actually after the school year ends, going to dive right into it.  I hope the small and intimate format will help them do better and to feel better and make their creativity explode- watch for those lessons in the future!!!   I am finally making art again!   and that is a passion that will continue to be my support.  I guess my lessons of the past 12 months are of "neti neti" not this, not that.  Determining what is right by engaging in what is wrong. And I can be thankful for that.  It makes for a stronger understanding of what is right for me.   I only wish that things didn't have to sometimes be so negative.  Never sits well with me.  We can only be the best that is possible in any given moment, in any given situation, and sometimes that is limited.  But in the moving forward hopefully we remember "neti neti" will help us to avoid that negativity in the future. 

Looking ahead, at my future... is funny, because I only wish to be present in each moment.   Work to simplify, work to engage in less, so that more of the inner bounty becomes apparent.  Yes, that is it.  A focus on the inner bounty, now there is some positive vegan juice for the soul.

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