Friday, May 30, 2014

How to measure success, by the spoonful.

Is it cheating to post your comments on other blogs as your own blog posts?   Maybe, but I never liked reading and following the rules anyway.

I am intensely intrigued by the idea of Project based learning. Its what I have been hoping the school would be doing when they initiated IEP and special ed services for my daughter. I see that its not how that works. They seem to use the IEP as a map of sorts, to continue with the curriculum they have already set in place, despite the fact that its just not working. So I am jumping ship, and starting my own adventure (this is a theme in my life, and I just love watching it happen!).

I think one needs to decide what we are really trying to do here with this education business, be it homeschool or other. It would seem that perhaps we are preparing children for the "workplace". The world of career and money, and making a "living". Isn't that why we bother with it all? Don't we want to be sure that our children will be "successful?" won't that mean that we succeeded at being parents? That we chose the correct education path for them? Who started spoon feeding us that line of craziness??? Its soo much more than that. Its only one tiny component of life and living, and you know it its true, because it resonates with us on a deeper level. Despite every pore and cell that might scream "yes, but we need to eat and pay our bills!! We should do that in the most economically minded way as possible. I NEED a career that will prove it to the world that I am SUCCESSFUL"- how many of us are so terribly unhappy with life in general? With our "career"? I don't think you will EVER be happy if that is the case. You will always be chasing your tail, trying to figure out if there is a better career, or some fancy shift of career that could better optimize your talents. Maybe I should sign up for this training program, or that, and THEN I too can be successful. Maybe I should make more money, better use my time. On and on and on… Why not do what you love. "Oh, that's such a damn simple woo woo concept" Why? Is that true? When you are doing what you love, are you not content and happy? Search it out. IS it true? Why should a "career" be anything else? Why not Do what inspires you most? Serve the community in some way that moves your soul? What if that is your motivating force? Maybe it won't make you a ton of money, and so you adjust your lifestyle to make that happen. Maybe today what moves your soul, isn't what moves it tomorrow? Move on, Change it. Life is constantly moving and shifting, that is just what it does. Did you ever notice that?

So if I decide that my own kids should do what motivates them most, create in the most unique ways they can, and find ways of sharing that with others, then I would feel like I did my job. That I showed them how maximize their living potential instead of their earning potential.

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  1. Angie, The Rule Breaker. I love it.

    Nice post. I am glad you shared it.

    My husband and I believe in public education. We have been fortunate that the public schools have served our kids well, with some wonderful teachers and a fantastic school community. If that were not the case, we'd try to improve the system. But the bottom line is our kids. If they were not getting what they needed, I don't honestly know what we'd do. Their needs come first.

    We teach our kids to do what they love and do it well. Share it with others. Be responsible community members. My definition of success.