Thursday, May 15, 2014

Here is my go as a blogger!  My family life has had many adventures, our most recent one being having a child diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

When our daughter, Isabella was 3, she suffered from a severe E-coli infection that created a condition called "HUS", Hemalytic Uremic Syndrome. Her body was overwhelmed with the toxins produced as the E-coli bacteria died off.  Her kidneys lost their functioning, and the added fluid made breathing difficult.  We thought she would die...But the angels at Maine MED saved her.  Isabella had a total of 17 dialysis treatments, and was on a respirator for two weeks at the PICU at Maine MED.  Her kidneys did eventually resume function.  A Wonder to have her pee for the first time again!  She came off the respirator and we watched her come back to life...

But then another problem presented itself.  Her blood sugars we extremely elevated.  No one was sure if it was actually Diabetes, but  we did have to monitor sugars, and dose with Insulin.  We left the hospital after 31 days, with all the tools to manage Diabetes.  Then something strange happened.  IT all went AWAY.  No more sugar problems, no more needles, no more checking.  Seemed to be a result of the illness.  She would just be checked at her annual blood draw (done to monitor kidney functioning) and we would be fine.

Fast Forward 7 years.  Isabella is now 10, and after a week of high fever that swept through our house, Isabella is complaining of having to pee all night long. She is constantly thirsty.  She can't see the trees outside our windows... It doesn't take long for me to realize we have a problem here.

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