Friday, May 16, 2014

Why artists don't have to starve...

Anyone is capable of making a living out of doing pretty much anything they can imagine and wish for, as long as they put in the grunt work and actually go after it.  Happens time and time again, all over the place, all around the world.  You are only limited by your own inner drive, and the excuses you choose to make for yourself.  Make art.  Sell art.  Rinse and Repeat.  There are systems in place, and people willing to buy.   Excuses for why its not happening are just that, excuses and if you choose to believe your excuses, and allow that to happen, then you will cry about why its not happening.  Everyone has a sob story about why something didn't happen.  Its the great artists who choose to not  tell those sob stories, who actually make something of their lives.

The only reason anything doesn't happen to you, or for you, or for the world, is because you are making an excuse for yourself.  Stop telling yourself and the world your sob story, and get to work. I actually wrote this response for another big name blogger, who I thought was trashing artists wanting to try.  Folks can and do make a living out of art.  Just define what "living" is, you may need to actually redefine the word for yourself. 

Now I have posted for my daily writing excerpt, and I can go to work on that art commission I just acquired.  

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