Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just a Quote on Joy...

Sometimes I read Sandra Dodd, and I feel that I am reading deep spiritual writing.  It touches my very soul.  Here is a quote from her.  My share for the day:

"Your life is yours, and it is being lived even as you read this. Do not wait for approval. Do not wait for instructions, or for a proctor to say "Open your lifebook now and write." Have all the joy you want, and help your children, neighbors and relatives find some too. Joy doesn't cost anything but some reuseable thought and awareness"

A little paradigm shift, inspired by Sandra Dodd.... Instead of happiness, seek JOY. Joy is in the present moment, filling your fibers and cells, instead of something we seek. Find the JOY in cooking food. Find the JOY in working with your children. Heck, find the JOY in work. Find the JOY in cleaning your house. Find the JOY in the crisp cold air that greets you when you step outside. Practice experiencing joy, and you will enjoy your new experience of life.

Enjoy.... In love.


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